Ecotourism Itineraries - a 7 Day Tour

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Passionate about the environment? Tour Israel's nature reserves, learn about farming in harsh conditions and visit sustainable-agriculture communities


Day 1

Hula Nature Reserve
Sea of Galilee

Beginning your tour in the north, visit the Talmudic Village of Katsrin on the Golan Heights and an organic farm, using age old traditional methods of farming and livestock management. (To visit the farm, please call 04-696-2434). 


Drive to Israel’s eastern frontier, Alonei Habashan, to view the wind turbines used as an alternative source of energy. 


Continue to Gamla Nature Reserve, with its host of animals and many well-preserved and dramatic remnants of the city among the first to revolt against Rome. The ruins are at the end of a hearty hour’s hike, and also visible from a lookout, nearby which are also the ruins of a Byzantine village. The reserve boasts a phenomenal concentration of vultures and a beautiful waterfall.



Proceed to the Hula Valley Nature Reserve. The reserve has lovely walking trails, including a "floating bridge" over the wetland, and special lookout points where visitors can observe the avian wildlife. In the spring of 1994 another stage in the campaign to restore natural balance in the Hula Valley was completed: the re-flooding of 250 acres now known as Lake Agmon, located approximately two kilometers north of the Hula Nature Reserve. Visitors can visit the re-flooded area to appreciate nature’s powers. 

While at the Hula Valley Nature Reserve don’t forget to stop at Oforia, a fun multimedia display that tells the story of the migratory route across the region and the millions of birds that use it.


Overnight in the Upper Galilee or the Sea of Galilee area

Ecotourism Itineraries - a 7 Day Tour