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Boutique Hotels

Stay in Israel's boutique hotels, which are designed with distinctive decor, luxurious rooms, charming artifacts, and elaborate furnishings, tailored to meet all your desires

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Boutique Hotels

Israel's boutique hotels are designed with distinctive decor, luxurious rooms, charming artifacts, and elaborate furnishings, and offer their guests gourmet meals and first class personal service.  These special hotels were developed with the objective of offering the highest possible standards together with top quality service. 

The efforts that these hotels invest to ensure these high standards are immediately evident.  The well-tended gardens surrounding the hotel, the unique, interesting architecture, the design, the works of art on display, the attractive settings inside and out, the picturesque locations, and above all - their atmosphere of inner calm - all evoke feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Boutique hotels were created with concern over every tiny detail that affects a guest. They offer the opportunity for small and big dreams to come true, and for imagination to become reality.  The enchanting, romantic atmosphere in these hotels arouses inspiration.  Flickering scented candles and fragrant incense add to the romantic atmosphere, and large beds covered with fresh white sheets in the spacious rooms exude purity and cleanliness.  The Jacuzzi and spa are a Garden of Eden for the body and soul, and the gardens with their rich plantings invite guests to wander in morning, stroll in the evening, and  enjoy the scent of fresh herbs. 

Boutique hotels offer healthy foods and excellent, colorful gourmet meals prepared by talented chefs.  The wine cellars contain any variety of wine that you like.  The small, intimate character of these hotels, combined with their vision of excellence, are all tailored for visitors’ pleasure. 



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