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Get a tent, a sleeping bag and a backpack and come to camp and experience Israel's natural wonders and nature reserves.

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Camping in Israel has recently enjoyed a huge comeback and is a unique experience. For years, it was only the sole purview of nature lovers. Today camping has become a popular vacation for the young and for families. After trying hotels, guesthouses and youth hostels, many have reached the conclusion that camping provides a wonderful way to enjoy a holiday close to nature.

is a land of hikes and hikers. Its natural wonders and nature reserves, mountains, forests and rivers, as well as the paths among them are visited by many on foot, bicycles, or sport utility vehicles. The hiking experience is always enhanced by sleeping outdoors under the stars.

The allure of camping during a trip or as a vacation is the magical simplicity. There are many camping sites are scattered throughout Israel, offering guests a variety of services including expansive lawns and shady eucalyptus groves, tables and benches, snack bars and restaurants, playgrounds, water slides, and a variety of attractions depending on the location. 

For instance, in the Upper Galilee it is possible to camp on the banks of rivers and take inner tube or raft trips down the Jordan River.  

Lake Kineret is surrounded by dozens of campsites, which offer watersports or a water park. Along the coast from north to south are many sites with soft beach sand, sunshine and serenity for surfers or those just seeking to enjoy the waves.

The Negev desert offers Bedouin inns or places to pitch a tent in the heart of the calm desert, or along the beach in Eilat, where campers can indulge themselves on the shores of the Red Sea, or take fascinating scuba dives in the Coral Reserve.

In the open nature reserves like Ramon Canyon and the Judean Desert, a few sites have been designated overnight camp sites, in order to preserve the privacy of the nocturnal wildlife. Camping in Israel offers tremendous added value so campsites flourish and offer a return to quality time, relaxation and true vacation.

Get a tent, a sleeping bag and a backpack and come to the real Israeli camping.



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