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Eilat Nightlife , Israel


What to do in the Southern City when the sun goes down

Eilat's summer sunsets are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the desert beauty just before it slips away into the darkness.​​

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Eilat's summer sunsets are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the desert beauty just before it slips away into the darkness. A walk along the Northern promenade will give you a gorgeous view of the Eilat and Edom Mountains turning red and purple, the water changing their colors to match the sky. This "festival of lights" can be enjoyed while soaking your legs in the Bay's cool water, sitting in one of the many wonderful cafés on the beach or restaurants beneath the luxury hotels that offer a variety of food and drink.


Feel like moving a bit faster? You can take a Segway tour along the northern promenade from the Spiral Center (call +972-52-3199996, price: 100 NIS for an hour) or, if you feel like taking the Israeli desert experience, you can take a Camel Ride at the Camel Ranch (Nachal Shlomo, call +972-8-6370022 or visit while enjoying Bedouin hospitality. Such hospitality doesn’t end there: you can go to Sheikh Yusuf Peace Tent and enjoy the experience (in front the Coral Beach Reserve, call +972-50-5503826).


If hieroglyphics and geologic phenomenon interest you, one of the most recommended places to go to is Timna Park. It is open in summer months (July-August) and on holidays for nightly tours, where the main attractions and sites are lit. For further information, call +972-8-6316756 or visit


Next to the eastern lagoon you will find the Kings City theme park. In a spectacular and captivating palace you can undergo time travel, a cruise in King Solomon Halls and an abundance of interactive experiences with the world's leading technology (Sundays to Thursdays from 9:00 till midnight, Fridays from 9:00 till 16:00, Saturdays one hour after the exit of Shabbat until midnight. For info: call +972-8-630444 or visit


The history doesn’t end there: you can visit the Eilat History Museum to see how Eilat grew from a small town to the booming town it is now (Mondays to Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10:00 till 20:00, 2 Yotam Road. Call: +972-8-6340754 or visit


As any resort city, Eilat offers you various options to escape to a world of fantasy, whether through the cinema in Eilat Theaters, displaying the latest movies (Hakenyon Ha'adom, Hatmarim Boulevard, phone: +972-8-6373176.) or through the IMAX that displays 3D movies (in Hebrew) every day (except Fridays) until 23:00. The ticket includes a visit to the wax museum; you can buy a separate ticket to the Ice Max or a combined ticket (4 Yotam Rd., telephone: +972-8-6361000,


You can pretend to be speed racer at the Carting Center (the new industrial zone, phone +972-8-6316143) or a star in a horror movie at the "Nightmare" (New Tourist Center, phone +972-50-8925655).  


Another escape is the Isrotel WOW Show that supplies entertainment for the whole family (every night except Sunday at 20:30 in the Royal Garden Hotel, Antib St. +972-8-6386701).   


Just when you thought you have seen and done everything, you find out that before you go you need to renew your wardrobe and bring souvenirs, and what a better place to do that than in Eilat, which is a tax free zone. The Mall Hayam Shopping Center that holds both local and international brands (open until 23:00), The Queen of Sheba Shopping Center at the Hilton, "La Boulevard" at the Royal Garden Hotel, The "Cardo" at the Herod's Palace, the "Big" Center, the Shalom Center and Hakenyon Ha'adom Center in Hatmarim Blvd.. - all offer you a great shopping spree.


Now that you've shopped till you dropped, you need a place to unwind and have some more fun: Eilat's various pubs, bars and night clubs are at your service .


For more information about Eilat:

Eilat Tourist Information Center

Address: 8 Beit Hagesher St.

Telephone: 08-6309111

Fax: 08-6339122


Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 8:30am - 5:00pm; Fri 8:00am-1:00pm



Enjoy Eilat!


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