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Ethnic Food in Israel

Humus, falafel, goulash, or couscous are only some of the choices of ethnic cuisine that are available in Israel. 

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Ethnic food

Humus, falafel, goulash, or couscous are only some of the choices of ethnic cuisine that are available in Israel.  The abundance of restaurants, choice of foods, and the unbelievable variety of tastes and aromas are testimony to the richness and liveliness of the cuisine that tourists can enjoy.  

Israel’s gastronomic variety stems from the wide range of ethnic groups who have settled in the country throughout its existence, and who contributed a rich variety of authentic dishes to the national cuisine.  New immigrants are not the only ones who have contributed to the culinary scene.  Ethnic groups have added tastes and styles of their own and have expanded the gastronomic experience.  All of these have made their mark - resulting in an eclectic style and a fusion of exotic tastes and trends. 

The numerous culinary styles available cater to all tastes: sweet and spicy, sour and hot, Oriental and European - all blend together.  The choice of dishes, menus and variety of foods are also connected to ethnic customs which give them a traditional air: One can enjoy gefilte fish or kubeh, tajin or cholent, empanadas or medias, dal or moussaka, and many other dishes with exotic names.  Choose from piquant, spicy appetizers, colorful bubbling soups, stuffed vegetables, rich side dishes, cooked, grilled, or fried meat and fish, and sweet or salty desserts.  

Food in Israel is tied to the earth, culture, and tradition which gives it its tasty and unique qualities.  One merely has to choose from Indian, Romanian, Moroccan, Polish, Yemenite, Hungarian, or any other ethnic cuisine. 

Bon appetit! 


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