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Unique Touring Options In Haifa

Tourists and visitors to Haifa have a wide range of interesting tours to choose from to enrich their visit to Israel’s third largest city and the main tourism hub for visits to the North and Galilee.​ 

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Tourists and visitors to Haifa have a wide range of interesting tours to choose from to enrich their visit to Israel’s third largest city and the main tourism hub for visits to the North and Galilee. These tours, which are offered by the Haifa Tourism Association for adults and children alike, incorporate magic, acting and entertainment in order to tell the local history and culture.  Reservations for English-language tours should be made in advance with the the Haifa Tourism Association: 48 Ben Gurion Boulevard, Haifa.  Telephone: 1-800-30-50-90. (


The Magic of the Colony!


The new "Magic of the Colony" tour, led by magician and extra-sensory artist Yoni Aladini with tricks every stop of the way, takes participants on an extraordinary experience in Haifa's German Colony. 


The "Magic of the Colony" tour covers key points in Haifa's history, and tells the story of the Templars through the human angle.  At each point the magician leads a unique segment combining magic and extra-sensory experience connected to the subject of workers in the Colony.  The tour begins in the Plasterers' House (the Haifa Tourism Association building), and goes down Ben Gurion Boulevard to the place where they built wagons and giant wheels for horses and fancy wagons, by the "Appinger" Hotel, today the "Colony" boutique hotel, Sir Oliphant's haunted house, the soap factory that was in the area, the dairy, the Templar settlement bank, by the Templar's community house and the community's post office, the fruit orchard of the neighborhood children, until arriving at HaGefen (Vineyard) Street which was the wine street of the Templars.


Cost of Tour: 50 NIS; Length of Tour: About two hours


Dramatized Tour: Celebration of Templars in the Colony


A dramatized tour where participants can learn how the German Colony was built through a theatrical celebration of the characters, with the people who created the colony's atmosphere, the Carmel Boulevard of 1882:  from Naphtali Herz Imber the author of HaTikva, Shumacher, the colony's architect, the Oliphant couple, who will dance a waltz in the Templar style with the participants, and Georg Zeus who must have been a horse in his last incarnation…

Cost of Tour:  60 NIS per adult, 50 NIS per child; Length of Tour:  About one and a half hours




"City Tour" Tour – a tour around Haifa including the most beautiful and important tourist attractions in Haifa including the breathtaking view from the observation point of the Louis Promenade, visit to the upper terrace of the Bahai Gardens, the Stella Maris Carmelite Church, walking tour of the German Colony and a short visit to the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood.


Cost of Tour:  25 NIS per person; Length of Tour:  Approximately four hours 


360 degree tour of Haifa: A free panoramic tour between the most beautiful observation points in the city, along the Louis Promenade, every Friday between 9:30 am – 1:00 pm.



 Sites & Attractions

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