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The winery in its present form was established in 2006, although its roots and wine mak...
Visitors step into the Bible and experience Nazareth as it during the time of Jesus and...
Museum on the Seam is a unique museum in Israel, displaying contemporary art that deals...
Delve deeper into the stories of the Bible. Follow the lives of the people who populate...
The winery was established in 1998 and it produces around 10,000 bottles annually. The ...
House of Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, in a street named after him. ...


Most rooms at the Leonardo Hotel Haifa are elegant suites. The hotel is located at the ...
Hotel operating on an "all included" basis. Hospitality includes three meals ...
The hotel operates as all-inclusive with a culinary experience including 3 large meals ...
Rooms of various standards, eight of which have a private balcony facing the sea and th...