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Dolphin Reef

A magical place for the entire family: Eilat's dolphin reef offers a chance to learn more about these fascinating mamals with some up close and personal interaction

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Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef, on the southern outskirts of Eilat, is one of the finest places in the world to discover what fascinating creatures these seafaring mammals are. You’ll find out just how intelligent, warm and playful they can be as they come right up next to you in the water. That is, of course, if they want to play along!

Because one important principle at Dolphin Reef is that its eight dolphins are free to decide how they want to interact. The dolphins have known some of the trainers since the animals were born, and part of the fun is to watch from the pier, or while you’re swimming or diving, to see which dolphin comes to make your acquaintance when it recognizes the trainer’s call.


Unique here is the fact that the dolphins are not trained by food reinforcement to “perform.” Rather they invite you into their world ­­–– the expansive enclosure where they live as a family, hunting and procreating as they do in nature. Dolphin Reef also runs a program for special-needs children, giving them a chance to experience what the dolphins have to offer –– a respite that calms the children and gives them new confidence and interaction skills.
While spending the day at Dolphin Reef’s private beach watching the dolphins come and go, you’ll also enjoy its snorkeling and diving services, restaurant and underwater photography center. And don’t miss the relaxation pools, a scene right out of “Blue Lagoon” where you lie back and listen to relaxing music and nature sounds under water through a special acoustical system.

Supportive Experience with the Aid of Dolphins for children





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