Travel Agents-How To Register

This is a short guide for registering as a new travel agent to the travel-trade system. 


On this Page:

Registering as a new tour operator on our system

2. Click logon on the upper right corner.
3. Click register (or fill in your username and password if you’re already a registered user
4. Fill in your details on the following registration screen (fig. 1) with the following considerations:
Your address will be published on our site for all users who search for travel agents
Company name will be shown with the deals you publish
​Companyabout is a short text describing your company
Position in company is a field for internal use
Upload a logo of your company to be shown with the deals you create. Allowed image should be Image max-size: 200KB, max-height: 120px, max-width: 410px.
Email is your username on the system (cannot be changed later)
5. If you would like to hear about new features and changes tick the checkbox.
6. Click register button.
7. An Email will be sent to our team with your details for approval. Once approved, a message will be sent to you inviting you to login and create your new deals. 
Please allow up to 3 days for approval.

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