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Nes Amim

Nes Amim is a Christian community with a charming guesthouse and seminar center, which is dedicated to educating Christians about Judaism and Israel.

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Nes Amim, a Christian community with a charming guesthouse and seminar center located a few miles from the Mediterranean in the Western Galilee, is unique in the vision that accompanied its founding the late 1950s: educating Christians about Judaism and Israel.


Nes Amim (whose Hebrew name means “banner for the nations” (Isaiah 62:10) offers courses for long-term residents in four main subjects: Judaism, contemporary Israel, the Holocaust, and Jewish-Christian encounters, including fascinating field trips to all parts of the country. There’s also a two to four-day seminar tailored for groups from abroad.


The community, whose 35 members hail from Switzerland, Germany and Holland, also focuses on issues of reconciliation between Christians and Jews. Its location in the heart of a multi-cultural area also makes possible enriching cross-cultural encounters with members of the other groups that make up Israel’s ethnic mosaic. 


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