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Philip’s Spring

This spring is a good candidate for the spring where Philip found the Ethiopian queen’s servant reading from Isaiah

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Of the 900 or so springs in the Judean Mountains, few so perfectly illustrate the story of Philip’s baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-39) as Ein El-Haniyeh, located near Jerusalem in the Rephaim Valley (2 Sam. 5:18; Isa. 17:5).

This is a good candidate for the spring where Philip found the Ethiopian queen’s servant reading from Isaiah: it is on the ancient Jerusalem-Gaza road (Acts 8:26), and features a sparkling stream flowing into a pool large enough for both to immerse (Acts 8:38).

When you climb the small hill from the road, you’ll see remains of a Byzantine church around a Roman fountain, evidence that early Christians marked this site as sacred. As added value to your visit, you’ll even find water channels hewn by ancient farmers into the mountainside - the Scriptural “spring enclosed” (Song of Solomon 4:12). 


Ein El-Haniyeh is located about one mile southwest of the entrance to the Wadi Rephaim National Park, just past the entrance to the Ein Yael Living Museum.


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