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Rosh-Pina is a town whose main source of income is upscale tourism: a place of trendy cafés restaurants and guesthouses

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Rosh Pina

One of the oldest moshavot in Israel, Rosh Pina has aged gracefully over the past 120 years. The small town of today is very different from the moshava founded in 1878 when a group of ultra orthodox Jews settled here and became farmers with the support of the Baron Edmund de Rothschild. Today it is a place of trendy cafés restaurants and guesthouses in a town whose main source of income is upscale tourism.

Rosh Pina is located on the north eastern slopes of Mt. Canaan overlooking the Hula Valley and the Golan. The old houses in the heart of the moshava have been beautifully preserved as have their cobblestone streets. In the center is the House of Officials which was built in 1885 as an administrative center for Rosh Pina during the time it was supported by Baron Rothschild. Now one can watch an audiovisual presentation about the history of Rosh Pina in the House and from there proceed to the nearby Baron’s Gardens, also built for the Baron’s staff, which were said to be modeled on the gardens at Versailles. Also in the center of old Rosh Pina is the synagogue, the second modern Hebrew school built in Israel, and the house of Dr. Mer, who researched Malaria in the Hula Valley during the 1930s. At the back of Rosh Pina there is the old cemetery with the graves of the moshava’s founders.

The old part of Rosh Pina is full of cafes, restaurants, guesthouses and art galleries. There are also many guesthouses in the newer parts of Rosh Pina as well as boutique hotels and a busy shopping center.

Rosh Pina is a convenient base for touring many attractions in the area such as Nahal Rosh Pina the Korazim National Park, Safed (Tsfat) and Tel Hatsor. It is also a good base for guided hiking tours, horseback riding, bike tours and jeep excursions.




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