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  • Getshemane​ and background
  • Mediterranean shore at Palmahim
  • Jerusalem: Ben Yehuda Street pedestrian mall ("Midrachov"), the Police Orchestra performs (2)
  • <p>rustic accommodation (inside), in Negev​</p>

Romeo & Juliet

The internationally acclaimed Shakespearean theatre company, TNT Theatre Britain, is returning to Israel from February 23rd to March 1st, 2014 with Romeo and Juliet. TNT Theatre has developed an international reputation for presenting dynamic, exciting and direct productions of Shakespeare's major works.  Live music on renaissance instruments, powerful choreography and a simple performance style allow a modern audience to experience Shakespeare's great love story as an Elizabethan audience might have done a London theatre some four hundred years ago.
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Location: Zichron Yaacov - Bet Nir Auditorium, Bet Hatotchan campus Beersheva - Goodman School of Acting and Drama (8 Zalman Shazar Blvd.) Rehovot - Wix Auditorium Tel Aviv - Yad Lebanim, Shine Auditorium (63 Pinchas Street) Jerusalem - Hirsch Theatre, Beit Shmuel (6 Eliyahu Shamai) Raanana - Yad Lebanim (147 Ahuza

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