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Discover Tel Aviv by bike


Aprox 25Km Rating: Easy

Tel Aviv is a classic city for commuting by bike. 
Thousands of the city residents use no other form of transportation. The city is flat, small in size, and rich in content. 

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Tel Aviv Port


Tel Aviv is a classic city for commuting by bike.
Thousands of the city residents use no other form of transportation. The city is flat, small in size, and rich in content. There is something interesting to see on every street corner of this city that never stops. The following route is only a suggested guideline of where to go and not an outline of everything that can be seen on the way, for it would be impossible for us to list all the colors, smells, people, art, shows, museums and life that make up this wonderful city.
A large number of the city streets have bike lanes which we recommend using, but some streets do not.
Do not forget a helmet and lock when riding around town.


Start your day by Riding South on the Seafront (Herbert Samuel Blvd). This will take you along the public beaches of the city into the old city of Jaffa. Ride into the Port, and there leave your bike to explore the alleys and churches of ancient Jaffa. Ride out of the port heading to the Jaffa Flea Market, where you can find nearly anything from clothing and toys to jewelry, art, souvenirs, etc.

Head north out of Jaffa, crossing the bridge at Abarbanel Street into Neve Tsedek - the first neighborhood built out of Jaffa and in the “new” city of Tel Aviv back in 1887 – where it all began. Ride through the tranquil and colorful streets of the area, enjoy the public art and galleries, and stop into one of the fashionable cafes located everywhere.

Head towards the Shalom Tower and join the bike lane along Rothschild Blvd. Follow the bike lane through the heart of the "Wh​ite City" and observe the architecture that claimed this area a UNESCO world heritage site. You will arrive at the Bima Theater and the Dizengoff Center; the commercial heart of Tel Aviv.

Follow the side streets parallel to Dizengoff, and then head east towards the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. After Visiting the Museum, stay on the inner streets, parallel to Iben Gvriol, going north to the Medina Plaza (Kikar Ha’Medina). Take some time to explore the fashion and boutique stores and the park situated in this high class area.

Continue north, until you reach the park on the south shore of the Yarkon river. Ride along the peaceful bike lane towards the sea that will eventually bring you to the port of Tel Aviv. Follow the many bike routes of this historical location before heading back to the beachfront, where we started off.


 Sites & Attractions

An extraordinary huge site, which attempts to portray the IDF, from the early struggle ...
Franciscan church and monastery on top of Jaffa Hill, built at the end of the 19th cent...
The Haganah Museum is located in the house once owned by Eliyahu Golomb, one of the fou...
House of Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, in a street named after him. ...


The established Metropolitan hotel offers 218 rooms and 10 suites. Adjacent to the hote...
The hotel is nestled on the beach, just minutes’ walking distance to the city and best ...
The Alexander Hotel lies on the Tel Aviv beach at a distance of a few steps from the ce...
Small hotel with small, renovated rooms. Each room has broadband Internet connections. ...
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