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Sde Boker to Mitspe Ramon


Approx 60 km. Rating: difficult

The Sde Boker region offers a wide variety of desert trails with breathtaking views, fascinating archeology, and variation in riding. This is only one of many possible rides in the area. 

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Ramon crater



The Sde Boker region offers a wide variety of desert trails with breathtaking views, fascinating archeology, and variation in riding. This is only one of many possible rides in the area.

Please note, cycling in the desert can be extremely strenuous, so make sure you have plenty of water, a map and that you avoid cycling during the hot hours of the day.




Begin the day at the Sde Boker School for Environmental Education. Sde Boker is a realization  of Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion's vision of settling the desert.  Ben Gurion is buried at the Sde Boker cemetary overlooking the desert.
Leaving Sde Boker, you will head into the Tsin Valley. Four km after leaving the main road, you will reach a turnoff to a blue marked trail. Follow it into the gorge, until you reach Ein Akev, one of the largest water sources in the Negev, with a large pool of cold water you can relax in.

Take the blue trail back out to the Tsin Valley, until you reach a green marked trail. The green trail follows the “Oil Road”, a dirt road following the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline. This road will take you to the Zik and Shviv Oasis, where you will find some water and a surprising amount of vegetation for the desert.
Climb up the Zik Accent (you might need to walk part of it) and follow the black marked road heading south. You will pass the Hava pools, filled every winter with flood water and sand dunes, until you reach the red marked trail. The red trail will take you towards the Mahmal ruins on the edge of the Ra​mon Crater until you reach the top of the Noah Accent. From here, you will be able to see the whole basin of this 40 km long crater, a very unique and colorful place.

Head downhill into the crater and follow the ancient Incense Route, originating in the Far East and passing through this very place. Stop at the Be’erot Bedouin tent, where you can fill your water or step in for some tea and local folklore. It is a good idea to rest for some time in the shade before heading on (lodging is available here).
The red marked trail will take you to Ein Saharonim, a small oasis and the ruins of an Inn built to host camel caravans. From Ein Sharonim, follow the green trail that will eventually lead you to road # 40 crossing the crater. Turn west and begin the long climb up to Mitspe Ramon to finish the day in this tranquil desert town.




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