Archeology in the Galilee - Bicycle


Rating: Moderate - difficult

Archeology in the Galilee - Bicycle

Every empire that crossed this land left its mark in the Galilee. From before the days of the Kingdom of Israel, through the Greeks and Romans, to the times of the Ottoman Empire and the British mandate, every culture has left its cities, forts and temples. This route will take you through some of the most significant sites still standing today; some of them thousands of years old.


Archeology in the Galilee - Bicycle - Day 2


Day Two
Monfort to Safet (Tzefad)

Approx 40 Km.

Start your day at Monfort overlooking the Kziv Valley. This fort was built by the crusaders to protect the road to the coast down in the valley.
Take the dirt road leading to Ma’alot and continue on road #89 heading east. On your way you will pass the ruins in Brazit and at Horfiesh and you can take a detour to Nebi Sabalan, a sacred tomb to the Druze faith.
Stay on road #89 to Gish, home of Joahanan, a leader of the rebellion against the Romans, where you can visit a synagogue from that period. Pass the tomb of the talmudic rabbi, Shimon Bar Yohai, and climb up to Safed. This city dates back to the Bronze Age; the fort on the top of the hill was built in the crusader period. Safed has been considered holy to the Jewish people and the city has been built and rebuilt over the course of the last 1500 years. Some say it is a form of a living archeological site. Relax your muscles and walk through the allies of this mystical city. Overnight in Safed.

Archaeology in the Galilee