From the Negev to Jerusalem


This route will take you from the central Negev area through the plains of​ Judea and on to Jerusalem.


day 1

Ramon Crater
Mitspe Ramon to Azuz-Be'erotaim. Approx 80

Leave Mitspe Ramon heading north on road #40 until you reach the turn to road #171 westbound. Follow this road across the Nitsana and Ellot dry riverbeds for 25 km until you reach road #10 going along the Israeli-Egyptian border. A hard climb awaits you after the turn, across Mt. Harusha. From there the road goes down and straight overlooking the Sinai desert on one side and the Negev on the other. 
Continue north for 36 km until you reach a dirt road to the ecological village in Ezuz. The place is named for the two nearby wells, named after Aaron and Moses, and has a combination of modern and ancient techniques of desert living. The two large wells here have attracted desert dwellers along the years and you can find several ancient farms and Bedouin places of gathering. Also nearby, Mt Harif has several prehistoric wall paintings.

From the Negev to Jerusalem- Bicycle itinerary