From the Negev to Jerusalem


This route will take you from the central Negev area through the plains of​ Judea and on to Jerusalem.


day 2

Azuz to Kadesh Barne'a. Approx 35 Km.


From Ezuz, head north along the old train track. The track was laid here in the Ottoman period, as a preparation for the First World War. Stop into what remains of the old Turkish train station and army camp from the same time, before you enter the Nitsana preservation area. Here you will find reconstructed Nabatean agriculture and some ruins of the large town that stood here on the Incense Routefrom the Arabian Peninsula to Gaza and Rome. Further north you will cross the “Peace Path”; a large scale work of art set here in the name of peace between Israel and Egypt. 
You will soon reach Nitsana, an educational village founded by the Jewish Agency which focuses on Zionist and environmental education. From there, head back to road #10 and then north to Kadesh Barne'a, named after the site where the children of Israel slept on their journey with Moses. This is also the southern boundary of the sand plains of Agur and Halutsa, a ride through the dune area is a good way to end this short day before heading back for overnight in Kadesh Barne'a.

From the Negev to Jerusalem- Bicycle itinerary