From the Negev to Jerusalem


This route will take you from the central Negev area through the plains of​ Judea and on to Jerusalem.


day 4

Tel Arad
Dimona to the Be'er Sheba valley. Approx 80 Km.


“So that place was called Beersheba, because the two men swore oath there” ( Genesis 21:31)


Take road #25 north of Dimona along the train tracks. Eleven km from here, you will reach the ruins of Aruar, mentioned in Deuteronomy. Archeological findings have shown a town from the days of King David, under the ruins of a Roman fort. 
From here, turn north on road #80 past the Bedouin town of Aruar to the Tel Arad junction.  A few kilometers north of here, the tel itself is one of the oldest planed cities known in our region. 
Turn west on road 31 pass the Bedouin town of Csaife, to the Shoket junction. Turn north here on road #60 past Kramim and Meitar, and then head west on the service road heading to Kibbutz Lahav. 
The terrain will slowly change in this area, due to the fact that this is the northern border of the desert. In Lahav, you will find the ruins of the town of Tsaklag mentioned in Joshua and Samuel. Also here is a mu​seum commemorating the Bedouin way of life in the desert.


From the Negev to Jerusalem- Bicycle itinerary