From the Negev to Jerusalem


This route will take you from the central Negev area through the plains of​ Judea and on to Jerusalem.


day 6

Ein Kerem
Day Six: Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem. Aproxx.40 Km


“….and in Jerusalem he reigned over all of Israel and Judah for thirty-three years”


You might notice a great change of scenery in this area. The area north of Lachish is no longer the desert, and the closer you get to Jerusalem, the more mountains and hills you will see. 
Leave Beit Shemesh on road #3855 towards Bar Giora. At the end of this 12 km uphill ride, you will reach an outdoor café where local cyclists gather. The area is named after Simon Bar Giora who fought the Romans on these hills in the time of the great rebellion. 
From there, head down the hill and along the Sorek Valley on road #386. The road will take you past the monastery of John in the wilderness, to the Village of Ein Kerem. One last hill stands between you and Jerusalem which you will climb through the village of Ein Karem, the place where John the Baptist was born. Take some time to visit the several churches of the area, before completing the hill and arriving into the city of Jerusalem. 

From the Negev to Jerusalem- Bicycle itinerary