Settlement and Agriculture in the Northern Negev - a 7 Day Tour

Bicycle ride in the desert

“The Negev is the true test of the Israeli people”, said David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister and one of the pioneers of settlement in the Negev. Farms, kibbutzim, schools and fields cover vast areas today that were bare desert less than 60 years ago. Follow the story of the Zionist Movement, and discover a desert that blossoms. 
There are several forms of settlements in the Negev: Development towns, which were founded by the government to absorb immigration in the 50‘s and 60’s; kibbutzim, which are communal farms founded by Zionist Movements and live off of agriculture and light industry; moshavim, which are government founded communities where every family received a plot of land to farm; and desert farms, new in the Israeli landscape, which are farms in secluded areas, built by families that live off the land and offer services from lodging to boutique wine and olive oil . The original dwellers of the area, the Bedouins, are divided between small nomadic villages and some government founded towns. Every house in the desert has a story, no better way to hear them than on your bike. 


Day 2

Negev Desert
Negev Desert
a Kibbuz
a Kibbuz

Ofakim to Mashabe Sade- Across the Halutsa Dunes 
Approx. 55 Km. 

Head east, along the vast fields towards Kibbutz Urim. Turn south on road # 234 across the Tse’lim river bed to Kibbutz Tse’lim. Turn southeast and follow the road along the red dunes of Halutsa towards Revivim. Visit the museum commemorating the first 11 Jewish points of settlement in the Negev. These communities, founded in 1946, were built in order to determine the borders of the future Jewish state. From there, continue to Park Golda, and Kibbutz Mash'abe Sade. In this area you will find several desert farms (Rota, A.S.B.A, Zohar Ba'-Midbar, and Hamaria) that offer a wide selection of gourmet food lodging, and an interesting perspective of life in a secluded farm. 

Overnight in the Mash'abe Sade Area. 

Settlement and Agriculture in the Northern Negev - a 7 Day Tour