The Length of Israel - a 7 Day Bike Tour

The length of Israel by bicycle

The following route will take you from the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, around the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, up to Jerusalem and then south to the open spaces of the Negev.

This route is suitable for hybrid bicycles. It is mainly on road, but at some parts, it will leave the tarmac and follow paved dirt roads, avoiding traffic, and getting closer to the sites along the way. The recommended route is on road, unless otherwise mentioned.


Day 2

Carmel Mountain
Daliat El-Carmel
Yarkon River
Carmel Mountain

From Mt. Carmel to the source of the Yarkon River.
Apx 85 Km.

Head south on the ridge of the Carmel towards Isfiya and Daliat El Carmel (road # 672). Climb up to the Horn of Mt. Carmel. From there, descend towards Elyakim and Even Yitzhak. Follow the service road to Giv'at Nili and head south to Regavim and Ein Eron to the Border Police Memorial. Take road # 574 south towards road # 581 into the Hefer Valley. Turn into Ometz and follow the back roads through Bat Hefer to road # 57. Follow #57 west until reaching the “Israel Trail”.  Follow the dirt road along the “Israel Trail” south; pass the outskirts of the Hefer agricultural communities, around the towns Tira, Kfar Sava and Hod Ha-Sharon reaching the sources of the Yarkon at the Afek Park (Antipatrus). 
Over night in the Petah Tikva Youth Hostel.

The Length of Israel - a 7 Day Bike Tour