Vineyards and Wineries in the Golan and Galilee


High altitude and rich soil turn the northern part of Israel into an excellent setting for grape vines. The cycling is challenging, yet the small back roads through the numerous vineyards and remote wineries are a huge payback for the effort.



day 3

Rosh Pina
Down to Rosh Pina and Up to the Galilee 

Approx 45 Km (hilly).

The day will begin with a long downhill, following road #91 toward Rosh Pina. In this picturesque village, amongst the old stone buildings you will find the Rosh Pina Winery ( The first winery here was founded in 1886, and the Bloom family, fourth generation in Rosh Pina, are trying to revive the art. The streets of Rosh Pina will lead you north, two kilometers of dirt road will lead you to Hazor HaGlilit, and north of there you will find the Meister Winery. Here another family, fourth generation in Rosh Pina, are reviving the tradition started by Sr. Rothschild in 1886. The Meister Winery, set in the Ben Yossef Cave, offer wine and olive oil, all locally made. 
Head back to Rosh Pina were a long uphill awaits you heading to the city Of  Safed (Tsfat). The Ancient city of Safed, holy to Judaism, sits above most of the Galilee, overlooking Mt Meron. Just on the outskirts of Safed on road #89 in Moshav Biria, Moshe Porat, an Orthopedic doctor by trade, makes wine sold in a small number of boutique restaurants and wine stores (+972-52-5405223 
From Biria, follow the windy road #886 to Dalton. Two wineries thrive here in Dalton; Adir and Dalton. The Adir Complex is where you can find fruit, cheese, and wine that all bear the same name, and hear the fascinating story of the three generations of the founding family. The winery (, specializes in red wine from vines grown in the area 870 meters above sea level. Nearby, the Dalton Winery (, set in the heart of its own vineyards, offers a modern winery and a beautiful visitors center. The winery, that started in the backyard of one of it's founders, is today one of the leading names in Israeli wine. We will end the day in Kerem BenZimra (Kerem meaning Vineyard), home to three wineries; Ben Zimra, Miles, and Rimon. The area of this Moshav is known throughout the country as fine grounds for vines. Most of the residents here harvest grapes to be sold to wineries near and far. The Miles Winery ( which started as a hobby several years ago, offers great wine and a spectacular view of the Galilee mountains. In an old stone building at the village center, the Ben Zimra Winery specializes in Cabernet. You will find a small visitors center and wine store at this spot. The last winery for the day is the Rimon Winery ( Rimon, meaning pomegranate, is located in a pomegranate grove, and offers tours and wine tasting of several fruity wines in a magical setting .
Overnight in Kerem BenZimra.


Vineyards and wineries in the Golan and Galilee