Vineyards and Wineries in the Golan and Galilee


High altitude and rich soil turn the northern part of Israel into an excellent setting for grape vines. The cycling is challenging, yet the small back roads through the numerous vineyards and remote wineries are a huge payback for the effort.



day 4

The Upper Galilee and the Beit Hakerem Valley 

Approx 50 Km.

Our first stop for the day in Ramot Naftali, a few Kilometers north on road #886. The hundreds of acres of vines in the area are a great setting for the three wineries that exist here. The Ramot Naftali Winery ( offers a small selection of wine and a tour of the winery and the vineyards that surround it. Nearby the Na’aman Winery ( holds wine and a selection of accessories. The founder, a former film producer, will be happy to show you the winery and vineyards which are his dream come true. Amram Azulai is the proud owner of Amram’s Winery(, a small venture he operates with the help of his children and grandchildren on his property in Ramot Naftali. 
Follow road #899 west along the border with Lebanon. The road goes up and down and will eventually bring you to Kibbutz Yaron. In the entrance to the Kibbutz awaits the Galil-Mountain Winery ( This is one of larger wineries in the north, and is one of the several brands which are exported from Israel. The winery offers tours and wine tasting.  
Leave Yaron and continue west on road #889. Turn south on road #89 towards Gish and Meron. Turn on road #866 to Kfar Shamai, our last stop for the day. Looking east you will see the Old City of Safed, and west you will see Mt Meron. Beyond the gates of Kfar Shamai, you will find the Nahal Amud Winery ( The owner moved to this area in order to plant vines in the Terra Rosa soil of the region. This small winery will be happy to host you for a private tour and tasting. 
Overnight in Kfar Shamai or Amirim where there is a wide selection of vegetarian dining.

Vineyards and wineries in the Golan and Galilee