Vineyards and Wineries in the Golan and Galilee


High altitude and rich soil turn the northern part of Israel into an excellent setting for grape vines. The cycling is challenging, yet the small back roads through the numerous vineyards and remote wineries are a huge payback for the effort.



day 5

Mt. Tabor
Nazareth, Church of the Annunciation
The Lower Galilee and the Tabor Region 

Approx 60-80 Km.


Head down the hill outside of Beit Shamai, towards the Beit HaKerem Valley on road #85. Turn west for 4 kilometers, past the hundreds of olive trees, to Rami Junction and road #804. Take this hilly road south until you reach Ma’ale Tsvia. The Essence Winery ( ) is a unique communal project. The whole village takes part in all the stages of wine making, a joint effort that generates fine red wines. 
After the Essence Winery, head south on road #804, cross the arab town of A’rabe and continue on the backroad, crossing road # 77, through Mashed and up to the City of Nazareth. The city itself, although it holds no wineries, is well worth a visit due to its historical and religious significance. Lodging is available here for those who wish to spend more time exploring the churches and stone paved streets of the biblical home of Jesus. 
Follow the city streets down toward the valley separating Nazareth to Mt Tabor. Take the agricultural road leading to Daburia. Cycle around the base of mount Tabor to road #65, and travel 2 kilometers north to Kfar Tavor. In addition to several fine restaurants, galleries, and a cyclists hotel, Kfar Tavor has two wineries. The Tabor Winery ( recently opened and offers a fascinating tour and visitors center. Nearby, the Mount Tabor Wine Celler ( is a dream come true of a retired military man. Tours can be arranged in both of these friendly establishments. Take some time to tour the streets of this 1880 agricultural community before ending the day.

Overnight in Kfar Tavor.


Vineyards and wineries in the Golan and Galilee