Vineyards and Wineries in the Golan and Galilee


High altitude and rich soil turn the northern part of Israel into an excellent setting for grape vines. The cycling is challenging, yet the small back roads through the numerous vineyards and remote wineries are a huge payback for the effort.



day 7

Mount Carmel and the Mediterranean Sea
Zichron Yaakov
The Carmel and Zichron Ya’akov 

Approx 60-80 Km.

Leave the Kiryat Tivon area and head to road #752 along the feet of Mt Carmel. A long climb awaits you through the town of Nesher where you will climb up the northern slope of Mt Carmel. At the top of the hill, on the border between Nesher and Haifa, the Levron Family ( produces wine in a small winery in the basement of their home. 
From there head to road #672 along the ridge of the Carmel to the Druze town of Daliat El Carmel. After a visit to the town and its markets, follow the dirt road taking you down towards Kerem Maharal. Just outside of this community, in the Mekora farm, the Amphorae Winery awaits in a stunning stone building ( After working in wineries around the world, the owner of this establishment settled in this little peaceful corner of the world. 
From Kerem Maharal, head towards road #4 and follow it south until you reach the turnoff to Zichron Ya’akov. If you don’t mind a 25 kilometer detour at Bat Shlomo on road # 7, there is quite a unique winery. A large cave, dug for unclear reasons during the Ottoman empire time has been converted in the past few years into a winery; The Cave (, estimated to be 400 years old, is well worth the ride back and forth. At the top of the hill, Zichron Ya’akov awaits you. 
The town, founded in 1882 together with The Carmel Winery, the largest in Israel, has been active ever since in the very same spot. Carmel Wineries ( offer a fascinating tour of the location, including tastings and an exhibition of the history of wine-making in the Carmel. Two other boutique wineries are also to be found in the town. The Smader Winery ( offers fine wine and dining in a small wine bar at the Zichron pedestrian mall. Not far from there, the Somek Winery ( offers a small selection of wine made by a family, fifth generation to the trade. 
A few kilometers south of Zichron Ya’akov on road #652, stands the last “wine town” of this tour; Binyamina. Two large wineries, Tishbi and Binyamina, are an inseparable part of the landscape of the southern Carmel. The Tishbi family started to grow vines in the area in the 1880’s, and opened their own winery here a hundred years later. The winery ( offers wine tasting tours, and a fine dairy restaurant in their beautiful visitors center. Binyamina ( is one of the largest wine producers is Israel. In the heart of this old town, the winery offers wine tasting and tours in addition to seminars and classes about the culture of wine. 
Transportation to Tel AvivJerusalem and Haifa are all available here, or spend the night in Binyamina over a fine bottle of wine.

Vineyards and wineries in the Golan and Galilee