Vineyards and Wineries between Jerusalem and the Northern Negev


The following itinerary will take you through some of the fine wine of the Judean hills and planes, to the northern Negev, but the route can be easily altered to fit anyone’s needs. The distances are short, allowing plenty of time to stop at several wineries a day, and enjoying the ride in-between.​


day 1

Jewish Quarter
Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
Jerusalem to Ramat Raziel

Approx 35 Km.

The oldest documented wineries in Jerusalem existed in the Jewish Quarter of the old city in the time of the Othman Empire. Today several wineries produce wine mainly with locally grown grapes.

Leave Jerusalem through the Jerusalem Forest road heading down the hill to Beit Zait. Enter the moshav (agricultural community) and head towards the Zmora Winery (, overlooking west to the Jerusalem hills. From Beit Zait, head to the old road up the hill to Mevaseret Zion. Follow the road passing the Castel Crusader Fort to Kibbutz Tzuba. Inside the Kibbutz you will find the Tzuba Winery (, producing wine exclusively from grapes of their own vineyard. For the end of the day follow road #395 up the hill towards Ramat Raziel. There, high above the Judean Hills, you will find one of Israel’s most well known boutique winery and Vineyard. Castel Winery ( )produces a small selection of red and white wines from their own vines, which are marketed worldwide. Follow road #395 down towards Ein Kerem and follow road #386 south bound along the Shorek Stream. Climb up the hill to Bar Giora and head to the Sea Horse Winery and Vineyards (, making wine from organically grown grapes. 
Overnight in the Bar Giora area.


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