Vineyards and Wineries between Jerusalem and the Northern Negev


The following itinerary will take you through some of the fine wine of the Judean hills and planes, to the northern Negev, but the route can be easily altered to fit anyone’s needs. The distances are short, allowing plenty of time to stop at several wineries a day, and enjoying the ride in-between.​


day 3

Beit Shemesh to Latrun 

Approx 35 Km.

Just north of Beit Shemesh, in the junction of #38 and #395, you will find the Flam Winery ( This second generation family owned winery is a good place to start the day. From here, you can head toward Mesilat Zion and pay a visit to the Katz Family Winery (Tel: 025856144) producing fine wines from organically grown grapes. Head on road #44 toward Latrun, and stop at Kibbutz Harel. In the Kibbutz, on the foundation of an ancient oil press, you will find Clos de Gat Winery (
Keep following road #44 towards Karmey Yosef. The Bravdo Winery is located in the vineyards that supply the grapes for their wine( Also in the moshav, you will find the home of the Har Noy Family , producing wine with their name from grapes they grow on their land, in addition to olive oil (Tel: 089287615). 
Head back to road #3 north toward Kibbutz Nahshon, and the Nahshon Winery and visitors center ( ). From there, continue to Latrun and the magnificent monastery producing wine and olive oil, in a setting unique to the Middle East (Tel: 089220065). Continue on road #3 past the Canada Park toward Modi'in. Pass the town of Modi'in and end your day with a visit to Kfar Ruth and the winery there ( ). Here, on the ruins of ancient olive presses and wineries, you will find a winery inside its vineyards.

Overnight in the Modi'in area.

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