Vineyards and Wineries between Jerusalem and the Northern Negev


The following itinerary will take you through some of the fine wine of the Judean hills and planes, to the northern Negev, but the route can be easily altered to fit anyone’s needs. The distances are short, allowing plenty of time to stop at several wineries a day, and enjoying the ride in-between.​


day 6 and 7

The Northern Negev- Vines in the desert 

Approx 60 Km.

There are a few vineyards and wineries in the Northern Nege​v, yet the distance is somewhat longer. Therefore, we recommend two days for the following, while lodging in one of the Kibbutzim along the way. 
Follow the back roads leading from Gan Yavne to Shtulim and Be’er Tuvia. From there, follow road #3 west to road #230 south. Pass Kibbutz Negba, and the museum of Jewish settlement in theNegev, while continuing south to the Yoa​v Hot Springs. From there, turn east on road #35 to road #352 south to Moshav Shahar. Here you will find the Ramim Winery (Tel:086602093), founded by two cousins who left the world of high-tech and now devote their time to wine. The grapes are brought from vineyards on the Lebanon border. Also in Shahar, you will find La Tierra Promessa Winery (Tel:086849093), built and run by an Italian chef who decided to follow his heart to the Negev. In addition to wine, you can find different liquors and fine Italian food. 
Leave the Moshav and follow road #352 south crossing the rolling hills of the Northern Negev. Enter Kibbutz Bror Hail and head to the Ben Shushan Winery (Tel:6803321). Using grapes grown on ancient Nabataean ground in the Negev and from the upper Galilee. After Bror Hail, Keep heading south on road #232 towards Sderot. Pass the town and continue on #34 to Yachini. Turn left and follow the roads leading you to Nir Moshe and Nir Akiva. Here, in Nir Akiva, the Galai family founded the winery with their name (+972-8-9933713). Fulfilling a dream of leaving the big city, Sigalit and Asaf press wine from grapes they grow themselves, producing estate wine from a single vineyard. Lodging is available in several Kibbutzim in the area, in addition to the nearby city of Be’er Sheba. 
Take the night to relax before heading back north. 

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