Culture and History 7 Day Itinerary

Chaggal Windoows in Jerusalem

​Enjoy the wonders of Israel through its unique culture and rich history. Experience the breathtaking desert in the South and the lush flora in the North, visit all the historically significant places and enrich yourself and your loved ones with thousands of years of history.


Day 5

The Dead Sea
Ein Gedi

Drive to the Dead Sea area and visit Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Don’t miss the audiovisual presentation that shows how the ancients lived there life here.


Continue to Ein Gedi and hike through its Nature Reserve to the beautiful waterfall.

In the afternoon, ascend to Massada, Herod’s magnificent fortress, with its palaces, bathhouses and ramparts. Massada was also the scene of the last stand of the Jews against the Romans in the Great Revolt, attested to by a huge Roman siege ramp and other finds. The combination of its dramatic story and its fabulous architecture and finds has won it recognition as a World Heritage Site.
Don’t miss the new museum at the Visitors Center that reveals the secrets of the daily lives of the rebels, tells the story of the excavations and shows why Massada became one of Israel’s most important symbols.


Overnight: in Jerusalem

Culture and History 7 day Itinerary