Ecotourism Itineraries - a 7 Day Tour

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Passionate about the environment? Tour Israel's nature reserves, learn about farming in harsh conditions and visit sustainable-agriculture communities


Day 4

Jewish Quarter
Western Wall
Davidson Center
Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Making an early start to tour Jerusalem, begin with the City of David, the nucleus of Jerusalem, to view the new Visitors Center and Warren’s Shaft. You can walk through the water of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, dug 2700 years ago in order to secure the water flow for Jerusalem during the Assyrian siege, or take the “dry route” also through an ancient part of the water system. 


Enter the Old City via Dung Gate to visit the Western Wall, sacred to the Jewish People as the last remnant of the Second Temple. 


Tour the Excavations at the Southern Wall, walking on the original two thousand-year old street and climbing the ancient steps to the Temple, used by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims 2,000 years ago as they ascended to the Temple. At the Davidson Center, ensconced in the basement of an eighth-century CE palace, make arrangements to see its virtual-reconstruction, high-definition interactive model. 


Cross the valley up to the Jewish Quarter and enter the Herodian Mansions, aristocratic dwellings, possibly of priestly families who served in the Temple. See evidence of First Temple times at the Broad Wall as well as the Late Roman Cardo and the medieval synagogues. 


Continue to the Christian Quarter and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and end the day wandering through the Old City markets, steeping yourself in its sights, sounds and aromas, and try your hand at hunting and bargaining for treasures.

Overnight in Jerusalem

Ecotourism Itineraries - a 7 Day Tour