Ethnic Communities in Israel - a 7 Day Tour

Druze woman baking pitta bread

​Experience Israel through its many faces: versatile populations and various ethnic groups await you as you tour the country from North to South​ ​


Day 2

Al Jazzar Mosque
A druze
Gush Halav
Circassian Museum

Travel to Acre, to the Al-Jazzar mosque, one of Israel's most beautiful shrines, to encounter the Sunni Muslim community in Israel. Visit the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, fought over by Crusaders and the Muslims some 900 years ago. Walk through the maze of Crusader halls and enjoy the local bazaar, shops and restaurants owned by Jews, Christians and Muslims.


Continue to the twin towns of Ma’alot (Jewish) – Tarshiha (mixed Moslem and Christian Arab) on the way to the Druze town of Hurfeish, with its museum of Druze culture and its mountaintop holy place, Nebi Sabalan Nebi Sabalan (perhaps referring to Zebulon, one of the sons of Jacob) is one of the most important Druze religious sites in Israel. The site offers a beautiful vista of the western Galilee.


Continue to Gish, known in Roman times as Gush Halav, where a Christian Maronite community retains the traditions of a religion with roots in Lebanon as early as the fifth century.  


A visit to Rehaniya, populated by Circassian Muslims, whose ancestors migrated here from the Caucasus in the late 18th and 19th centuries,   is an opportunity to learn about their history and perhaps have a taste of their food.


Overnight in the Upper Galilee

Ethnic Communities in Israel - a 7 Day Tour