Evangelical Protestant Itineraries - a 10 Day Tour

The Old City of Jerusalem


Day 2

Roman Aqueduct in Caesarea
Roman Theater in Caesarea
Jezreel Valley
Mount Tabor

Drive north across the Sharon Plain to the excavations of the ancient city and port at Caesarea National Park. King Herod built Caesarea in honor of his patron Emperor Augustus in the mid-first century BCE, and Pontius Pilate ruled the country from here. 


Peter’s story, which you began to explore in Jaffa, continues here when he baptized Cornelius the Centurion in Caesarea. It was from this port that Paul set sail to preach in communities all over the Mediterranean, where he was later imprisoned for two years and appeared before Felix, Festus and King Agrippa. All these events are reflected in the ruins you’ll tour, including the Roman theater, the hippodrome and Herod's palace, as well as mosaics and other remains from the centuries when Caesarea was an important Christian center, and the Crusader walls, moat and gates.


Drive through the Ara Valley to Tel Megiddo, the Armageddon of Revelations 16:16. Tour the remains of  one of the most intensively inhabited sites in the country with over 25 levels of settlement, spanning some 3,000 years, including walls, gates, palaces and dwellings from the time of King Solomon, King Ahab and the Assyrians. A highlight will be your walk through the water system, one of the great engineering marvels of antiquity. 


Cross the Jezreel Valley, sometimes called “the battlefield of the Bible” and now Israel’s breadbasket, to Mt. Tabor to hear the account of the prophetess Deborah gathering her forces here in the time of the Judges to battle against Sisera.  Jesus came to Tabor with Peter and James, was transfigured before them, and met with Moses and Elijah. After a breathtaking view of the valley below, visit the beautiful two-level Church of the Transfiguration.


Continue to Nazareth to visit Nazareth Village, a full-scale reconstruction of life in Nazareth during the time of Jesus. 


Continue to the centuries-old Church of St. Gabriel, which houses the village spring – one of the few authentic remains of the time of Jesus to be seen in Nazareth.


Drive across the Galilee Mountains via Cana, the scene of Jesus’ first miracle of changing water into wine, and home of Nathanael.


Stop for a breathtaking overview of the Sea of Galilee and the scenes of Jesus’ Galilee ministry that you will be visiting over the next few days from the Arbel Cliff.


Overnight in the Sea of Galilee area

Evangelical Christian Itineraries - a 10 Day Tour