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​Experience Israel through the tastes and the smells: a gastronomic adventure to discover Israel's multicultural population and unique culture while indulging yourself in a wide palate of flavors. ​
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Day 4

Carmel Winery in Zikhron Ya'akov
Fresh produce in Tel Aviv's Carmel Market
White City
Drinks overlooking the sea in Old Jaffa
a cafe in Neve Tsedek

Start the day with a visit to the pioneering town of  Zikhron Ya'akov – an area abundant in vineyards and wine and visit a local winery.

Continue to Caesarea, Herod’s magnificent port city. Visit the theater, newly excavated hippodrome, palace, bathhouse and the port area showing the influence of the Crusader conquest in the 11th century CE.


Continue to Tel Aviv. In the heart of the city, you’ll enjoy the colors and aromas of the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv’s open air fresh produce market.  

In July, 2003, UNESCO Organization proclaimed the unique urban and historical fabric of early Tel Aviv, known as the White City, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the midst of the White City is Rothschild Boulevard, with many interesting architectural monuments, as well as a selection of the city’s good restaurants. 

Tel Aviv boasts restaurants for every palate, preference and pocket. Ask your concierge for the best recommendations. Some of the best fish restaurants in the city are located in the Tel Aviv Port, along with ice cream bars and cafes.


Head for Jaffa, where you can buy the freshest bread for miles around at the bakery on Jaffa’s main drag, Yefet Street, a favorite with locals that does its best business on Saturday nights.
Stroll the alleyways of old Jaffa and enjoy the artists’ colony, the picturesque fishermen’s port, the archaeological remains and restaurants.  

Neve Tsedek, the first Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of old Jaffa, is now a gentrified part of town that is one of the city’s cultural hubs as well.


Overnight in Tel Aviv

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