General Interest 10 Day Itinerary

General Interest 10 Day Itinerary

Planning to visit Israel? There's so much to see and you wouldn't want to miss anything! Whether you're travelling alone or with your loved ones, we suggest you check out this itinerary before making any plans.​​

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Day 5

Druze snack stand
Haifa view
Bahai shrine and gardens

Head up the Mediterranean coast today, stopping first at Caesarea National Park to see the remains of the former Roman capital, including the ancient theater and hippodrome. 
Walk the seaside promenade to the renovated port area within the Crusader walls. See the Caesarea Experience, a fascinating computerized presentation of the city's history and best-known historical figures. The beautiful arched remains of the Roman aqueduct are right on the beach, so you can dip your feet in the Mediterranean before leaving the area.


Head to Mount Carmel to visit a Winery including a guided tour as well as a taste of wines and cheeses.


Continue through the forested Carmel National Park to a Druze village on Mount Carmel, Isfiya or Daliat El Carmel, where you can enjoy a slice of Druze life and culture and a taste of traditional Druze home hospitality.


Then, it’s on to Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, to see the magnificent Baha’i Shrine and Gardens, the world center for the Baha’i faith. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the bay from the Louis Promenade (a beautiful sunset activity), and head to the renovated old German Colony neighborhood for dinner and a stroll.

Overnight in Haifa 

General Interest - a 10 Day Itinerary