Jewish Interest Itineraries - 7 Day Tour

Tower of David in Jerusalem

A Trip to Remember: Visit the land of your ancestors and see history unravel itself before your eyes. The venues you know from the Bible come alive in this exciting tour you'll cherish forever.


Day 6

Ein Gedi
The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea

Get an early start today and drive south to the Dead Sea and Massada, taking the cable car to the top to view the ruins of King Herod’s mountaintop fortress and the last stronghold of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 73 CE, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the new museum in the Visitor Center, which reveals the secrets of the daily life of the rebels, the story of the excavations, and s how the site became one of Israel’s most important symbols. 


At the Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park see the remains of the Talmudic village with its synagogue and mysterious mosaic floor. End the day with a dip in the Dead Sea, the “greatest outdoor spa in the world” and the world’s lowest, saltiest body of water.


Overnight: in the Dead Sea area 

Jewish Interest Itineraries - 7 Day Tour