Jewish Interest 4 Day Tour

A Trip to Remember: Visit the land of your ancestors and see history unravel itself before your eyes. The venues you know from the Bible come alive in this exciting tour you'll cherish forever.
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Day 4

Roman Aqueduct at Caesarea
White City
Eretz Israel Museum

Drive along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and into the mountains to Tzefat (Safed), one of the four holy cities in Israel and the home of Lurian mysticism, a branch of Jewish mysticism conceived by the 16th Century Rabbi  Isaac Luria, the traditional author of the seminal mystic work, the Zohar. Stroll along the lanes of the Old City and see its many synagogues, as well as its unique artist’s colony.


Then, it’s out to the Mediterranean coast, heading south to Caesarea National Park, magnificent remains of Herod’s city, the Roman capital and port and fortified Crusader town. Tour the Roman theater, hippodrome and, walk the promenade to the renovated Caesarea port area.


Continue to Tel Aviv, where a variety of sites await: Wander through the White City and its  Bauhaus monuments (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site) including Independence Hall, where Ben-Gurion declared independence in 1948. 

Enjoy Sheinkin Street, famous for its fun shopping, dining and people-watching in a youthful atmosphere, while the open-air Carmel fruit and vegetable market is a treat for all the senses. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall comes alive with stalls selling handicrafts of every type. 

Tel Aviv also has a variety of museums: Among them, the Tel Aviv Art Museumand the Eretz Israel Museum have evening hours on certain weekdays. 

Take a walk through Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park and head to the nearby Tel Aviv Port for sunset and a fish dinner.

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