Jews and the Bible 10 day itinerary


Follow the footsteps of the ancestors, walking through history and the Bible to discover the holy land.


Day 2

Judean Mountains
Abu Gosh
Neot Kedumim

Begin your day at the traditional tomb of Simon the Just, a well-known Talmudic figure who led the Jewish nation in the time of Alexander the Great. The tomb is located in an ancient burial cave in northern Jerusalem, and a synagogue and yeshiva have been established next door.


Then drive through the northwestern Jerusalem suburb of Ramot to Nebi Samuel, traditional site of the tomb of the prophet Samuel, with a mosque, a synagogue and extensive Crusader ruins. Climb to the rooftop for a spectacular view of the hills of Samaria, the heartland of the Northern Kingdom in Bible days, as well as of Jerusalem and the coastal plain.


Take road 443 down through the Judean Mountains, passing Beit Horon where Joshua met the Canaanites in battle and later, the Maccabees fought the Greeks during the time of the heroic struggles to keep Jewish law and study of the Bible alive. Continue to down to the edge of Ayalon Valley, where Joshua called the moon to stand still during that same battle of Beth Horon, to Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve to view the restored flora and fauna of the Land of Israel as it was in antiquity.


Visit the traditional tombs of the Maccabees located in the forest near Neot Kedumim near the modern town named after their ancient birthplace, Modi’in.


Return to Jerusalem via Abu Ghosh, the site of biblical Kiryat Ye’arim, where the Holy Ark of the Covenant was kept by the Israelites after its return from Philistine captivity and before David brought it to Jerusalem.


Overnight in Jerusalem



Jews and the Bible 10 day itinerary