Jews and the Bible 7 day itinerary


​​Follow the footsteps of the ancestors, walking through history and the Bible to discover the holy land.​​


Day 4

Beit Shean
Mt. Gilboa
Jezreel Valley
Get an early start this morning, driving northward along the Jordan Valley, viewing the mountains of Moab and Ammon, where Moses and the Children of Israel spent their last months before crossing into the promised land.


Your next stop is Beit She'an, where you can climb the biblical mound where the Philistines hung Saul’s body to be rescued by the men of Jabesh Gilead. Below, you can see the magnificent remains of the Talmudic and Byzantine cities of which the sages said “if the Garden of Eden is in the Land of Israel, its gateway is at Beit She'an.” 


Continue to the top of Mt. Gilboa, where Saul and his three sons died in battle with the Philistines and take the Bible Route, with its view of the Jordan and Jezreel valleys, the ancient sites of Shunem, home of the Shunemite woman who encountered Elijah and where the Philistines camped before the battle, and Endor, where Saul had a sorceress called up the ghost of the prophet Samuel to learn his bitter fate.


Next is a visit to the remains of the Talmudic-era synagogue at Beit Alpha, to view the mosaic that combines biblical and pagan themes and teaches about the Jewish religious thought at that time. 


Then, it’s on Tiberias, the lakeside resort on the Sea of Galilee

Overnight in the Tiberias area


Jews and the Bible 7 day itinerary