Naturally Israel Itineraries - 4 Day Tour


This itinerary is all about the natural beauty of Israel. Visit amazing parks and reserves, immerse yourself in breathtaking vistas, and allow yourself to be one with nature.


Day 2

Little Switzerland nature reserve
Daliyat el-Carmel
Beit Shean National Park
Jordan Valley

Drive to the Carmel ridge via the Druze towns of Daliat El Carmel and Isfiya. Enjoy a morning hike in “Little Switzerland,” a nature reserve dedicated to the preservation of Israel’s Mediterranean forest.  


Drive southeast through the Jezreel Valley, passing the ancient city of Megiddo. Continue to the Beit She'an Valley and visit one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Israel: the ancient biblical city of Beit She'an, which the Greeks and Romans knew as Scythopolis.  


Continue to Kibbutz Kfar Rupin and join one of the tours offered by the International Bird Watching Center of the Jordan Valley. (Tours must be prearranged; for more information see:

Proceed to Jerusalem via the Jordan Valley.

Overnight in Jerusalem

Naturally Israel Itineraries - 4 Day Tour