Women in the Old and New Testament - a 10 Day Tour

Mona Lisa of the Galilee: mosaic at Sepphoris

Follow the Matriarchs, heroines and prophetesses of the Bible and the New Testament in this special tour of Israel


Day 10

Hula Valley
Hula Valley
Dan Nature Reserve
Banias Nature Reserve

The Hula Valley: Women as victors and vanquished, a Druze holy place and “clay in the hands of the potter”


Hazor National Park – located in the lush Hula Valley, one of the first conquests of Joshua (Joshua 11:1-11), with fascinating remains that have won it recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the time of the Judges, Hazor’s king sent Sisera to fight against Deborah and Barak. The fate of the defeated Sisera was decided after he encountered the brave and resourceful Jael (Judges 4:18-22). Jael is mentioned in Deborah’s song (Judges 5:28-30) along with Sisera's mother, waiting in vain for her son.


Dan Nature Reserve – the capital of the northern kingdom, this fine example of a biblical city, includes "Abraham's Gate" and the high place of Jeroboam in a beautiful setting on the Dan River. A biblical gateway with a seat for the king and the elders is the place to recall the story of Boaz declaring before witnesses his desire to marry Ruth (Ruth 4:1-11), and the complexities of Levirate customs.

Banias Nature Reserve – the remains of another riverbank city grace this site, the Roman Caesarea Philippi (Matt. 16:13-20). Visitors see a temple to Pan, a shrine to the wood nymph Echo, and enjoy a thundering waterfall. A number of Druze holy places are to be found in this area, including one to a righteous woman known as Sit (Lady) Sara, where the faithful come to light candles and make vows for healing and success. 

Attend a workshop with a pottery artisan for hands-on learning about one of the most important crafts of antiquity, which some scholars think may have been invented by women as they tended the family fire.

Women in the Old and New Testament - a 10 Day Tour