Women in the Old and New Testament - a 7 Day Tour

Mona Lisa of the Galilee: mosaic at Sepphoris

Follow the Matriarchs, heroines and prophetesses of the Bible and the New Testament in this special tour of Israel


Day 4

Massada - aerial view
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Mud treatment in the Dead Sea
The Almog Tabernacle, Massada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea: sacred servants and heroic tales


Massada National Park ­– Herod’s magnificent fortress, with its palaces, bathhouses and ramparts was also the last stand of the Jews against the Romans in the Great Revolt in 73 CE. The historian Josephus notes that two women and five children survived, and visitors wonder who they were and what might have been their fate. The new​ Massada Museum reflects daily life, highlighting among its exhibits women at their many daily tasks. The combination of Massada’s dramatic story with its fabulous architecture and finds has won it recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Ein Gedi National Park – a walk through the oasis, where “vineyards” once grew, a metaphor in the love poetry of the Song of Songs 1:14. The remains of Ein Gedi’s antiquities frame the story of Babatha, a woman of the town who fled the Romans to a cave where archaeologists found documents telling her life story.  

End the day with a dip in the Dead Sea and spa treatments.

Women in the Old and New Testament - a 7 Day Tour