Women in the Old and New Testament - a 7 Day Tour

Mona Lisa of the Galilee: mosaic at Sepphoris

Follow the Matriarchs, heroines and prophetesses of the Bible and the New Testament in this special tour of Israel


Day 5

ancient well at Beersheba
Ben Gurion Hut in Sde Boker

The Negev: meeting the Matriarchs


Be'er-Sheba – the city that Abraham founded (Gen. 21:31) when he moved here with Sarah, and where the conflict between Sarah and Hagar reached its climax (Gen. 21:9-14). The landmark we​ll outside the gate is a backdrop for the many stories about women’s encounters at the well, including Rebecca (Gen. 24:13-26) Rachel (Gen. 29:9-12), the Samaritan woman (John 4:7-29), and others.  Be'er Sheba’s ancient urban planning, water systems and other finds, along with its biblical significance, have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Bedouin women’s craft center in Rahat - learn how crafts going back to Bible days can improve the lives of contemporary women who are descendents of a culture going back to the days of the Patriarchs and the Matriarchs.


David and Paula Ben-Gurion’s home at Sde Boker – the modest home of Israel’s first prime minister and his feisty and devoted American-born wife, Paula. Visit the nearby tomb of the couple, overlooking the magnificent Zin Canyon. The view of the Desert of Zin, in the southwestern portion of which, at Kadesh, Miriam died (Numbers 20:1), is also opportunity to consider Miriam as a leader alongside Moses and Aaron (Micah 6:4).


Walk through the Avdat Canyon to the Avdat Spring.  

Women in the Old and New Testament - a 7 Day Tour