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 Sites & Attractions

Tourist bus starting at Central Bus Station and passing through 27 key attractions in t...
The Yemin Moshe neighborhood, named after the philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore, is b...
Museum housed in building where several writers once lived and in which the first worke...
​The Negev Museum of Art is located in the Old City of Be'er Sheva in a charming histor...
The Ancient Bathhouse of Nazareth – An impressive underground bathhouse, is located n...
Permanent and periodically changing exhibits on Jewish life in the Diaspora, located on...


Akkotel is a boutique hotel located in an old building which is part of the walls of th...
The hotel is situated on the northern coast of Eilat and has a swimming pool, toddlers'...
. The Colony Hotel Haifa is situated in the German Colony, the restored historic cente...
Located in the heart of the city with magnificent views of the Old City walls, the Towe...
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