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Horseback Riding in Israel

Seeing Israel from the saddle can take you on a trail through Mount Hermon’s alpine summer meadow.

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Seeing Israel from the saddle can take you on a trail through Mount Hermon’s alpine summer meadows; to the Galilee’s hidden beauty spots with the lake as its centerpiece; to the Golan, where you and your mount will enjoy the sparking streams; and on a sunset ride along the beach or the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean (an unforgettable way to celebrate a romantic or other milestone). Another beautiful sunset horseback experience awaits you at Mitspe Ramon in the Negev, overlooking the amazing Ramon Crater, Israel’s “Grand Canyon.”


Western riding has always had a special appeal in Israel, and these are the saddles and style you’ll find at many commercial stables. Varying age limits for children usually apply, although some stables offer rides in the ménage for the younger set.


The Israel Equestrian Federation, which organizes activities for all age groups, holds a number of local competitions each year, including show-jumping and dressage. Israel also has some 30 centers that specialize in therapeutic riding, and have sent enthusiastic competitors to the Paralympics.


Combine your love of horseback riding, or try it for the first time, with a bed-and-breakfast stay in the Galilee and the Negev, where the locals will show you the best trails.


Israel Equestrian Federation:


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