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Sport Tourism in Eilat

It is the outstanding contrast of colors in the early evening that makes Eilat so perfect for a relaxing vacation​​​

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It is the outstanding contrast of colors in the early evening that makes Eilat so perfect for a relaxing vacation. The red Edom mountains reflection in the deep blue water gives you the impression you are looking at a picture that was edited by an expert.

Eilat is the perfect location for a "lay back" vacation but is also the base for an active sports vacation.


The Red Sea is known as one of the best places in the world for diving. The reefs and ship wrecks provide excellent surroundings for spending quality time during the vacation.

Swimming and diving with dolphins is an experience you will never forget. Diving courses, intro's and licensed diving are available at the diving clubs located along the bay.


If you are not searching for an underwater experience, the northern wind will take you flying with kite surfing or wind surfing. They say the conditions in Eilat are of the best in the whole world. Perfect consistent strong wind and no waves have produced a bronze Olympic medalist born and raised in Eilat. Kite surfing and wind surfing clubs and schools will teach you how to use nature's energies for enjoying your vacation.


And finally, on land, let the mountains be your host during the time you spend here. The rigid mountains that surround Eilat offer divergent hiking trials perfect for one day walk or more. Along the trial you will find amazing geological and geomorphologic features unique to this part of the world.


Bird watching spots, climbing, rappelling, cross country running  4x4 trips are  only a few of what the mountains offer.



And last but not least, we offer you one of the best places for sweet desert single tracks. Biking in Eilat will make your senses go wild!

You will find miles and miles of single tracks crossing the mountains of Eilat into the Arava valley. Loose gravel thrown away under your tires as you rush downhill from Mount Hizkiyahu, 833m, to sea level, long cross country trails, extreme DH, free ride, technical trials or even family trials are all to be found in the same area.

Adding all those activities to the rich night life, restaurants, hotels and the dry weather, Eilat can be considered as one of the best places to spend your sport vacation. Whether you are a sea or a land person, you will find Eilat perfect for your holiday.


So, we are proud to present to you Eilat, the perfect location for your sport vacation.


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